18th March 2018

Who am I ?

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Highly motivated self-starter with a proven track record, currently the R&D manager at a company specialising in robotic solutions for the oil and gas industry. Broad experience designing and developing complex systems to various levels of TRL. Passionate with using skills from multiple disciplines to improve solutions, and experienced with taking sales enquiries through to production. Enjoys a challenge and now is looking for the next opportunity utilising existing skills and gaining new ones. Currently the R&D manager overseeing multiple Innovate UK projects concentrating on robotic solutions for dangerous and hazardous environments within the oil and gas industry.


This means presenting the facts as is. Everyone strives and collectively collaborates for the common objective, and no one has any hidden agenda.


The ability to adapt based on the results. There are times we experience unexpected unpleasant situations in life. Being adaptable ensures you stay afloat when adversities of life try to sink you down.


I value openness and honestly communicating to all without fear. Open communication is key to avoiding the totally avoidable leaving only the unavoidable.


A brief overview of my timeline.


R&D Manager

Lead R&D Engineer (Robotics)


Robotics Engineer
(Research & Development)

Robotics Engineering Degree

1st Class degree


Teacher and Course Designer

Developed courses and taught classes.