14th April 2016


Collection of thoughts

Piglet – Process Vision

Linear Regression with R

Keras Simple Machine Learning

Unity PID

Pneumatic Flow Meter

Rubens Tube

Cookie Cutter

Pneumatic Multi Port Muffler

Hardware control with visual control techniques

CNC PCB Engraving

THALES SA Shares Update

Warco Mill Knee Rapid

Overview of Idea to CAM

School Chair

Testing Mill Conversion

Living Hinge Testing

Colchester Bantam MK1 1600

Test Laser Tag Body


Robotic Hand

TC QuadCopter Ref

Laser Cut Light Stand

230 FPV Racer

Metal CNC Conversion

3D Stepper Motor Hub

Delta Platform

Custom Board Game

CNC Wood Router


Heavy Weight Robot

CNC Plywood Chair