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PID settings

Transmitter Bind Process

Adding Extra Channel Add-On

OpenPilot CC3D Software

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Further Information on the Quadcopter

Most of the information is already documented on the CAA website. (
However, most of the complicated things are described here clearly on this link :

As part of the course we ensure all campers are informed of the safety and rules related to the flying of their drone. However, I would suggest making sure they refresh their memories. Here is a video of the CAA approved safety video (
and here is the link for the lipo safety and charging. –>

also following this check list would be very helpful in maintaining the safety understanding whilst they continue to learn to fly.

Checklist (pre-flight check)

o Weather conditions suitable (Beginners are advised to fly in conditions less than 15kts).

o Frame and all screws are tight.

o Propeller not damaged and tightly fixed.

o Tighten prop nuts.

o Battery fully charged and securely mounted.

o Transmitter battery charged and the antennas are free.

o Check RC(TX/RX) operation range (on the ground!) from time to time (and before 1st flight).

o Ensure there is nothing in the danger zone of the propeller.

o Ensure enough space for launch and flight.

o Ensure sensors are calibrated and that the right setting is loaded.

o Ensure the trim of the remote control is in neutral position.

Quad Copter flight controller Information
The board we are using on the quad copter course is the CC3D

The PID settings are the numbers that are related to stablibity of the quadcopter. In the first week we used the most recent value we have tested and are happy with their stability. However in the coming weeks we may find different style of flying numbers. For instance if you feel the quad copter needs to move slower or needs to be more sensitive to controller inputs, we will be posting the values below PID Settings.

Its always suggested to invest in insurance whilst flying a remote controlled craft.

Spare Props

HobbyKing Link

you will need to buy two CW and two CCW props, and place them on the quad copter in this order.

The props they have on the quad are 10″. The numbers on the products are the size of the prop then the pitch so a 1045 is a 10″ prop with a 4.5″ pitch.
Parts to Upgrade
I would firstly suggest buying more batteries to allow for lots of practice. You will also need lots of props after the expected crashes 🙂

Lipo (battery)

Continuing to fly…
In terms of learning further, I would suggest to start flying low and close to the ground in large open spaces to avoid stressful situations. Being nervous and not feeling in control will lead to a crash, so ensure the pilot of the multi rotor is calm and ready to fly.

Again there are many videos to explain alternative methods on learning and practicing.
Such as this

PID settings

rev 2. – moderate settings for week 2 ESC (use these settings for the quadcopter setup which includes the skywalker ESC depicted below)

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 13.25.15


P 0.00254 0.00254 0.00770
I 0.00406 0.00406 0.01070
D 0.000044 0.000044 0.000055

KK2 PID settings (NLIU)


rev 3. – moderate settings.

 Roll + Pitch  Yaw Self Levelling Stick Scaling
 40 50 30 40
 100 50 20 40
 10 30 0 50
 20 20 0 90

Transmitter Bind Process


Step’s needed to be taken to bind the Microzone Controllers.

  1. Plug in the bing plug into the ID port on the receiver.
  2. Plug the Lipo into the quadcopter and a green light should start to flash on the receiver.
  3. Turn on the transmitter and wait for the green light to turn off.
  4. Unplug the bind plug that you earlier placed into the receiver and a solid green light should appear.
  5. Turn off the transmitter and then unplug the lipo.
  6. The transmitter and receiver should now be bound.

Adding Extra Channel Add-On (Balloon Drop)



Take out the channel 6 cable and replace with the wire coming from the servo. This will remove the aux0 port on the software. As nothing is using Aux 0 on the CC3D it should allow the flight controller to still arm the quadcopter. Always place the signal wire (white/S) towards the centre of the receiver.


Depending on which flight controller you have, you may need to re configure the transmitter config on the Open Pilot software. You will just need to skip/next on the stage where you normally configure accessory 0.


OpenPilot CC3D Software

Click to download (for windows)- > Download Link !
Click to download (for mac)- > Download Link !

How to use OpenPilot

Thanks to Chirag Chaudhari

Class Power-point

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