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A while ago I was working at a TechCamp, during the week of the camp I was tasked with building laser Tag guns and helping with the construction of RC Planes, due to previous experience with RC products. The RC plane project lead was a guy called Alex. I found out later on that Alex was the founder of a company called UnmannedTech UK and this came to be the first time i was introduced to the amazing world of multi-rotors. Well I lie in the weeks leading to the camp i was doing research on Flight Control boards, after finding an awesome video of the APM working. Therefore I had a small amount of knowledge of the world of multi-rotors however in the weeks of teaching and meeting Alex I was thrown in to the metaphorical deep end of this amazing world. By the end of the camp I was hooked and started looking around for my first kit, however on a budget!! I first asked Alex if he could help me with the construction of a simple quad however i was informed of starting prices for just the frame being around £100. I found this unbelievable; i was determined to find a cheap source for multi-rotors. I came across Hobbyking and started with sourcing all of the elemental components needed for the construction of the multi-rotor. After I built my first quad I moved on to build another and then two tri-copters. Now I am interested in building a small 250 FPV racer. During the construction of these projects I learnt a lot about FPV system (5.8Ghz), RX Systems, flight mechanics and flight control boards (my preferred, cheap yet very robust flight controller being the HK KK2.1) .

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