5th March 2017

Maker Service

No project or prototype is too small !

Our aim is to provide a unique service to the imaginative makers out there, who have necessarily not got access to machines of this type and who rather not spend a small fortune on a single revision of a product/project with huge machining workshop. We hope by providing a service like this will allow for idea’s to be developed and eventually brought to market with much lower development costs.

I’m offer machining along with development if needed at a low price in comparison to large machine workshops.

I would be thrilled to aid you with making your ideas a reality.

Available Equipment includes:

  • CNC Milling Machine (Suited to heavy duty 3D machining up to steel level)
  • CNC Router (Perfect for sheet projects, for example mdf kits, plastic parts, foam models)
  • CNC High Speed Mill ( Suited to standard duty engraving/ PCB routing/small plastic parts, possible machining up to aluminum level)
  • 3D CAD service (Fusion 360)
  • 3D Printing (All standard material types are available, i.e. ABS, PLA, Flexible filament)
  • Laser Cutter (Ideal for plastic/paper/cardboard/etc)
  • Lathe Work (Happy to work with aluminum/steel or even some plastics)

For all projects small production runs are available, please do email for more information.

You’re welcome to email me at ( info@harrythorpe.co.uk ) in order to start the quotation process. Quotations will vary based on a projects complexity, readiness to machining (i.e. less prior CAD work) and availability of material types. (**Detailed drawings and initial design/CAD drawings are required to progress past the first stage)

Here is a small collection of some of the previous products we have developed.


CNC Milling Machining Examples


CNC Router Examples


CNC High Speed Mill




Lathe Work


Laser Cutter


Painting (Tractor painting with gravity feed air gun)


3D Printing