Home Set Up


 My setup is made up of three apple 24″ monitors on the bottom row and three benq 24″. And guess what, it all runs off one gfx card!!!!! AMD Eyeinfinity 6. I manged to get the apple monitors quite cheap due to a know fault with this old apple monitor. There is some faults that occur due to the voltage regulator, however getting the monitor is cheap getting the power supply is not cheap and therefore the people selling these monitors dont include the power supply meaning the psu is sometime more expensive than the monitor its self. Due to my recent experience with Chinese PCB manufactures I have started looking at the possibility of making my own psu. I run Xubuntu and Window 7 on this machine. The machine is made up with 256GB RAID SSD and 2* 1tb storage drives with 16GB of ram with water cooling.

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